Last Friday in Brussels, CentOS enthusiasts gathered for the annual CentOS Dojo, right before FOSDEM.

While there was no official videographer for the event, I set up my video camera in the talks that I attended, and so have video of five of the sessions.

First, I attended the session covering RDO CI in the CentOS build management system. I was a little late to this talk, so it is missing the first few minutes.

Next, I attended an introduction to Foreman, by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden

Spiros Trigazis spoke about CERN's OpenStack cloud. Unfortunately, the audio is not great in this one.

Nicolas Planel, Sylvain Afchain and Sylvain Baubeau spoke about the Skydive network analyzer tool.

Finally, there was a demo of Cockpit - the Linux management console by Stef Walter. The lighting is a little weird in here, but you can see the screen even when you can't see Stef.