FOSDEM starts tomorrow in Brussels, but there's always a number of events the day before.

This year, several speakers from the RDO community are participating in the CentOS Dojo ahead of the main event tomorrow.

  • Haïkel Guémar, Matthieu Huin - CI in the cloud - How RDO uses OpenStack infra tools for packaging
  • Spyros Trigazis - OpenStack @ CERN: Status update
  • Nicolas Planel, Sylvain Afchain, Sylvain Baubeau - Skydive - a real time network analyzer

Of course, since RDO works so closely with the CentOS CI infrastructure, all of the other content is relevant too. We're looking forward to learning about the various aspects of the CentOS project, and strengthening our bonds between the two communities, today, and in the coming years.

Here's KB addressing the opening session (Video).