I'm happy to annouce version 0.44.2 of rdopkg RPM packaging automation tool has been released.

While a changelog generated from git commits is available in the original 0.44 release commit message, I think it's also worth a human readable summary of the work done by the rdopkg community for this release. I'm not sure about the format yet, so I'll start with a blog post about the changes - a ChangeBlog ;)

41 commits from 7 contributors were merged over the course of 4 months since last release with average time to land of 6 days. More stats

For more information about each change, follow the link to inspect related commit on github.

Software Factory migration

Migrate to softwarefactory-project.io


Adopt pbr for version and setup.py management

Include minor version 0.44 -> 0.44.0 as pbr dictates

Python 3 compatibility

Add some Python 3 compatibility fixes

More python 3 compatibility fixes


Add BDD feature tests using python-behave

  • Unit tests sucked for testing high level behavior so I tried an alternative. I'm quite pleased with python-behave, see one of first new-version scenarios written in Gherkin:

    Scenario: rdopkg new-version with upstream patches
        Given a distgit at Version 0.1 and Release 0.1
        Given a patches branch with 5 patches
        Given a new version 1.0.0 with 2 patches from patches branch
        When I run rdopkg new-version -lntU 1.0.0
        Then .spec file tag Version is 1.0.0
        Then .spec file tag Release is 1%{?dist}
        Then .spec file doesn't contain patches_base
        Then .spec file has 3 patches defined
        Then .spec file contains new changelog entry with 1 lines
        Then new commit was created

    It also looks reasonable on the pyton side.

Avoid test failure due to git hooks

tests: include pep8 in test-requirements.txt

tests: enable nice py.test diffs for common test code

New Features

pkgenv: display color coded hashes for branches

  • You can now easily tell the state of branches just by looking at color:

distgit: new -H/–commit-header-file option

patch: new -B/–no-bump option to only sync patches

Add support for buildsys-tags in info-tags-diff

Add options to specify user and mail in changelog entry

allow patches remote and branch to be set in git config

new-version: handle RHCEPH and RHSCON products

guess: return RH osdist for eng- dist-git branches


distgit: Use NVR for commit title for multiple changelog lines

Improve %changelog handling

Improve patches_ignore detection

Avoid prompt on non interactive console

Update yum references to dnf

Switch to pycodestyle (pep8 rename)


Use absolute path for repo_path

  • This caused trouble when using rdopkg info -l.

Use always parse_info_file in get_info

Fix output of info-tags-diff for new packages


refactor: merge legacy rdopkg.utils.exception

  • There is only one place for exceptions now \o/

core: refactor unreasonable default atomic=False

make git.config_get behave more like dict.get

specfile: fix improper naming: get_nvr, get_vr

fixed linting


document new-version's –bug argument

Update doc to reflect output change in info-tags-diff

Happy rdopkging!