TL;DR: Live RDO cloud will be available for testing on upcoming test day. for more info.

The last few test days have been somewhat lackluster, and have not had much participation. We think that there's a number of reasons for this:

  • Deploying OpenStack is hard and boring
  • Not everyone has the necessary hardware to do it anyways
  • Automated testing means that there's not much left for the humans to do

In today's IRC meeting, we were brainstorming about ways to improve participation in test day.

We think that, in addition to testing the new packages, it's a great way for you, the users, to see what's coming in future releases, so that you can start thinking about how you'll use this functionality.

One idea that came out of it is to have a test cloud, running the latest packages, available to you during test day. You can get on there, poke around, break stuff, and help test it, without having to go through the pain of deploying OpenStack.

David has written more about this on his blog.

If you're interested in participating, please sign up.

Please also give some thought to what kinds of test scenarios we should be running, and add those to the test page. Or, respond to this thread with suggestions of what we should be testing.

Details about the upcoming test day may be found on the RDO website.