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rdopkg-0.44 ChangeBlog

I'm happy to annouce version 0.44.2 of rdopkg RPM packaging automation tool has been released.

While a changelog generated from git commits is available in the original 0.44 release commit message, I think it's also worth a human readable summary of the work done by the rdopkg community for this release. I'm not sure about the format yet, so I'll start with a blog post about the changes - a ChangeBlog

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Let rdopkg manage your RPM package

rdopkg is a RPM packaging automation tool which was written to efortlessly keep packages in sync with (fast moving) upstream.

rdopkg is a little opinionated, but when you setup your environment right, most packaging tasks are reduced to a single rdopkg command:

  • Introduce/remove patches: rdopkg patch
  • Rebase patches on a new upstream version: rdopkg new-version

rdopkg builds upon the concept...

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Introducing patches to RDO CloudSIG packages

RDO infrastructure and tooling has been changing/improving with each OpenStack release and we now have our own packaging workflow powered by RPM factory at, designed to keep up with supersonic speed of upstream development.

Let's see what it takes to land a patch in RDO CloudSIG repos with the new workflow!

The Quest

This is a short story about backporting an upstream OpenStack...

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Unified CLI now available for testing in RDO

Unified OpenStack Client command-line tool is now available for testing as python-openstackclient package at RDO Havana repository.

OpenStack Client is on a mission to provide a single consistent CLI for interacting with OpenStack services. It's a thin wrapper to the stock python-*client modules that implement the actual REST API client actions. Although OpenStack Client is considered to be alpha...

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