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Anomaly Detection in CI logs

Continous Integration jobs can generate a lot of data and it can take a lot of time to figure out what went wrong when a job fails. This article demonstrates new strategies to assist with failure investigations and to reduce the need to crawl boring log files.

First, I will introduce the challenge of anomaly detection in CI logs. Second, I will present a workflow to automatically extract and report...

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Project Teams Gathering (PTG) report - Zuul

The OpenStack infrastructure team gathered in Denver (September 2017). This article reports some of Zuul's topics that were discussed at the PTG.

For your reference, I highlighted some of the new features comming in the Zuul version 3 in this article.

Cutover and jobs migration

The OpenStack community grew a complex set of CI jobs over the past several years, that needs to be migrated. A zuul...

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Writing a SELinux policy from the ground up

SELinux is a mechanism that implements mandatory access controls in Linux systems. This article shows how to create a SELinux policy that confines a standard service:

  • Limit its network interfaces,
  • Restrict its system access, and
  • Protect its secrets.

Mandatory access control

By default, unconfined processes use discretionary access controls (DAC). A user has all the permissions over its...

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What's new in ZuulV3

Zuul is a program used to gate a project's source code repository so that changes are only merged if they pass integration tests. This article presents some of the new features in the next version: ZuulV3

Distributed configuration

The configuration is distributed accross projects' repositories, for example, here is what the new zuul main.yaml configuration will look like:

- tenant:
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Using a standalone Nodepool service to manage cloud instances

Nodepool is a service used by the OpenStack CI team to deploy and manage a pool of devstack images on a cloud server for use in OpenStack project testing.

This article presents how to use Nodepool to manage cloud instances.


For the purpose of this demonstration, we'll use a CentOS system and the Software Factory distribution to get all the requirements:

sudo yum install -y --nogpgcheck
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